Decode Base64 Strings into Downloadable Images and Files with Our Free Web Tool

Welcome to our free web tool for decoding Base64 strings! Base64 encoding is commonly used to represent binary data in a format that can be transmitted over text-based channels, such as email or websites. With our tool, you can easily decode these strings into images and other files that you can download to your device.

Our tool is written completely in JavaScript, which means you can access it from any browser, without any need for installation or setup. Simply input your Base64 string, and our tool will automatically decode it and display a preview if it's an image. You can then download the decoded file to your download folder.

We designed our tool to be user-friendly and straightforward, with a simple interface that allows you to quickly and easily decode your Base64 strings. Whether you're a developer, designer, or just need to decode some files, our tool is the perfect solution. Give it a try now and see for yourself how easy it is!

How To Code

Feel free to copy the code for your website


  1. Copy the Base64 string you want to decode.
  2. Paste the Base64 string into the input field on our tool.
  3. If the file is an image, you'll see a preview of the decoded image. Otherwise, you'll be prompted to download the decoded file.
  4. To download the decoded file, click the "Save" button.
  5. You're done! Your decoded file should now be saved to your download folder.