How to Make a Star Map - Using My Free Online Tool

Starmaps seem to be all the buzz right now, and make the perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or any significant event. However, a lot of places seem to charge an arm and a leg just to get your hands on one. That is why I developed this free application, to give anyone the ability to spruce up a room or give a gift to a loved one without breaking the bank. All I ask in return is that you consider donating if you enjoyed the product or sold it on to make some money.

Deomonstration of the final product

Interested? Give It A Try...

Deomonstration of the app in use

Personalisation Options

How To Calculate Lat & Log

I recommend using the website (Link) to calculate your latitude and longitude. It super simple just enter the locations address. Click “Find” and the latitude and longitude will be outputted. These values can be copied and pasted directly into the starmap generator.

Demo of the latitude and longitude app

Coordinated Universal Time

UTC (Universal Time) is used to ensure consistency between coordinates and the position of the night sky. There are many free tools out there for calculating UTC from any given time zone, here is a website I found useful (Link).


There are a range of customisations that can be made to how the night sky and poster sections are displayed, feel free to play around and try different settings and looks. I’ve try to make the app run as quickly as possible to prevent trying different settings from being a bore.


The images produced are rendered to a high-resolution PNG of 300 dpi, this is the recommended resolution for high quality printing. Images can also be downloaded as a SVG.