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Lost Phone Lock Screen Generator

Welcome to the Lost Phone Lock Screen Generator! Have you ever lost your phone and wished there was an easier way for the finder to contact you?

Our free web tool lets you create a customized lock screen with your contact information and even add a unique symbol for easy identification. No more worrying about your lost phone being untraceable!

Whether you're attending a music festival, a crowded conference, or any other event, having a lock screen with your contact details is a brilliant idea. If your phone gets misplaced or left behind, it increases the chances of it being returned to you quickly and securely.

The best part is, your data stays secure as our tool runs directly on your device without transmitting any private information to a server. Get started now and ensure that if your phone is found, it can be returned to you promptly, providing you peace of mind.


  1. Enter your phone number(s) of trusted friends or family members in the input field.
  2. Optionally, "Preview" button to create your personalized lock screen image.
  3. Save the generated lock screen image to your device.
  4. Set the generated image as your lock screen wallpaper on your phone.
  5. If your phone is lost and found by someone, they can easily reach out to the provided contact number(s) to return it to you.

Why Choose Our Lost Phone Lock Screen Tool?

  • Privacy First: Our tool runs on the client side, ensuring that your personal information is never transmitted to a server. You have complete control over your data.
  • Fast & Secure: By leveraging your device's processing power through WebAssembly, our tool provides a fast and efficient user experience while maintaining the highest level of security.
  • Customization: With our tool, you can personalize your lock screen with your preferred contact information and even add a unique symbol for easy identification, making it truly yours.
  • Event-Friendly: Whether you're attending a bustling festival or a busy conference, our tool is perfect for those situations. Ensure a higher chance of recovering your lost phone in such crowded environments.
  • Free & User-Friendly: Our tool is completely free to use and designed with simplicity in mind. You can create your lock screen in just a few easy steps, without any hassle.
  • Peace of Mind: With our Lost Phone Lock Screen Tool, you can rest assured that if your phone is lost and found by someone, they can easily contact you and return it promptly.


  • Pressing "Preview" will render the design to the screen, the render is scaled and may not reflect the final images size.
  • Pressing one of the "Save" buttons will Cause the image to be saved to your computer.
  • Avoid copying directly from the preview window as it’s image has been scaled down and will be lower quality.

All our “builders” enable you to download as png files, pdf files and svg files. The download has been designed to be quick and doesn’t require a connection to a server. The download will go directly to your browsers downloads folder. PNGs are downloaded as high quality 300dpi or 72dpi images depending on the requirements of the design. The pdf and Svg formats allow you to easily adjust or resize designs later. All our apps are free to use and the downloads are royalty free.

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