About My Website

My mission is to provide low/no cost digital services for creators and business, to help drive down the cost of creativity. I will do this by using cloud computing and automation techniques to provide make services quick, accessible, and cheap.
To sustain my site, I plan to make minimal uses of ads and operate a donation/honesty box system. This allows users to pay a price which works best for their needs.

I am just a lone developer, this means that it may take some time to get back to you if you contact us, or it may take some time to implement fixes.


I currently only offer services related to digital design; however, my aim is to expand are range to include other tools a creator might need.

The processing for the services is performed on my server, this means that even devices with low computational ability can make use of the services. However, it means that processing time will be heavily affected by the speed of your internet connection.

Why the site uses donations?

Why the site uses ads?

My plan movin forward?

In the sites current state, I think of it being in a beta build, as there are still errors to iron out and functionality I would like to add. I would like to expand the range with other tools which help can help people design and manufacture things.

One application which I’m keen on building is an online 2D polygon nesting tool for use in CNC manufacturing.

I have also been looking into machine learning, I don’t have any plans for it yet but there’s definitely some pretty cool things that can be done with it.

If anyone has requests for tools or modifications, they would like to see please get in contact.